In a translation of projects like this, there are three inherent differences that are simply unsolvable, and the translator would like for you to briefly look through them to better enjoy this website.

1.      cultural differences: words such as monks, calligraphy ( heavenly hole blessed land ), snakefrog stone, etc. should be understood as having some type of cultural significance rather than taking the literal meaning for them.

2.      linguistic difference: words like Guan Jiah, Jieh Lee, Dao Guang, etc. are words that simply canˇ¦t be translated into understandable English.  Please patiently read through those and try to just remember their sounds if you can. 

3.      academic difference: in order to keep this project ˇ§readableˇ¨, Iˇ¦ve chosen to translate certain technical terms with their corresponding Chinese pronunciations, lest you get discouraged trying to say them in English. 

          My two favorite examples: 8 orchid bamboo, if I translated its correct scientific name, would be Bambusa pachinensis Hayata; and the ˇ§Gohˇ¨ tree would be: Broussonetia papyrifera ( L. ) Lˇ¦Herit.ex Vent